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Half of British men do nothing for charity, claims new report

Almost half of men in the UK do not support a good cause or get involved in social action in a typical month according to the new research by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF).

British men are failing to close the gender generosity gap as they continue to lag behind women in volunteering, donating and sponsoring.

Three in five women (60 percent) were involved in some form of charitable behaviour in a typical month in 2015, compared with 52 percent of men.

CAF’s annual report on charitable behaviour, UK Giving, also reveals that the youngest generation are the least involved in supporting good causes with less than half of young adults doing so in a typical month (43 percent).

This year’s report estimates that Britons donated a total of £9.6 billion to charity in 2015, suggesting that overall levels of giving may have fallen in the past year.

CAF chief executive John Low said: “The UK is a nation of fundraisers and charity shop lovers with a great tradition of being among the most generous countries in the world. In 2015, four out of every five people did something to support a good cause. This huge support is crucial to the work charities do to improve people lives both at home and across the world.

“While we should rightly be proud of this track record, many of us will be a little disappointed to see that men are still struggling to keep up with women when it comes to acts of generosity.

“Charities need to work harder to motivate men to back good causes and, importantly in the long-term, find new and better ways to get people involved in charitable giving at every age.

“Whatever people’s interests or circumstances, we can usually find a way to support a good cause, whether it is giving money to an appeal, baking cakes, pledging time or donating unwanted clothes.

“Sporting fundraisers and appeals like Movember have gone some way towards getting more men and young people giving, but it is clear that more still needs to be done.”

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