Charity Spotlight: Music for All

Music making is a life enhancing and life changing activity that should be able to be enjoyed by everyone. Sadly, far too many people are not able to afford musical instruments or lessons to develop their talent. The cuts to budgets in schools put the teaching of music to the next generation under threat. Community music groups help break down cultural barriers and strengthen social unity, but most would benefit from a ‘helping hand’ to fulfil their potential. This is where The Music For All charity comes in.

Music for All exists to bring the world of music making to as many people as possible in the UK. Our charity is run entirely by volunteers who are all musicians and who know first-hand how the power of music changes lives for the better. We have minimal overheads and administrative costs, so money raised goes directly into helping the people, schools and projects that need us.

Many people in the UK are musicians and often want to pass the gift of music making onto the next generation. Our charity is uniquely placed to do this and we already work with many funeral establishments in collecting generous donations and legacies from both the deceased and their friends and family. We always gratefully acknowledge receipt of any donations to both the donor(s) and the funeral establishment.

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What do we do?

    1. We donate instruments and music tuition to individuals who need our help.
    2. We make grants available to address the musical needs of community music groups and educational organisations.
    3. We bring free ‘Learn to Play’ experiences to people of all ages and backgrounds.
    4. We promote the life changing benefits of music making.


The Ark Conway Primary School, London

This school was passionate about the importance of children learning music. A number of parents were willing to offer the children some musical tuition and create a pupil and parent band. The children had some ukuleles and were starting to learn, but the one instrument that the school urgently needed to enable all the tuition to work was a piano.

How we helped:

Music for All donated a piano to the school together with a contribution from the parents. Music is now part of school day with many children learning to play.

Shaun, Southampton

Shaun is a talented musician who uses his music and comedy to highlight both the challenges and opportunities for music and disabled people. He has both cerebral palsy and arthritis and he wrote to us asking if there were any special musical products that could allow him to continue to make music.

How we helped:

We donated a Loop Station. This product makes music-making for Shaun considerably easier to achieve and he has recently used it to support his recent debut at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Shaun is passionate about encouraging other disabled people to use music to help their lives. He gets this message across in his performances and he is now promoting Music for All in all his endeavours.

Eastbrook Primary School, Portslade

The school had no musical instruments and no means of support or finance to change the situation. The school had found some highly cost-effective ways to get some music teaching support from local teachers and friends, but they had nothing with which to teach.

How we helped:

We initially donated six violins to the school to work alongside a teacher that was able to provide lessons on the instrument. The impact of these instruments was so impressive that the charity subsequently donated four clarinets. A musician then donated two drum kits to Music for All and we gave these to the school as well.


There are now 11 children learning the violin. They range from Year 2 to Year 5 and they have now performed in a number of concerts including Eastbrook’s Got Talent and the Proms On The Hill at Lancing College. Julie Scott, Eastbrook School said: “I could have cried! It was absolutely brilliant and they played as part of an orchestra playing Beatles tunes. All this has only been possible because of your support. Thank you.”

Telephone: 01403 800500

Email: hello@musicforall.org.uk

Website: www.musicforall.org.uk


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