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Will you remember the horses at Redwings Horse Sanctuary?

Redwings Horse Sanctuary believes that every horse, pony, donkey and mule has the right to a
happy and healthy life, free of fear and neglect.

The charity rescues neglected and abandoned equines from all over the country, giving them a safe
place to live and providing essential veterinary treatment, rehabilitation and care for the rest of their
lives. Indeed, the charity currently provides daily care for over 1,500 rescued residents, making
Redwings the UK’s largest horse welfare charity.

Redwings is 100% funded by public donations and every donation helps the charity help horses in
need. In addition to giving every equine the opportunity for lifelong sanctuary care, Redwings also
has visitor centres around the UK, where supporters have the chance to meet some of its rescued
horses, hear their stories and find out more about the importance of equine welfare.

Gifts in Wills make up the largest proportion of Redwings’ income and the charity simply wouldn’t be
able to function without them. Remembering Redwings in your Will is a wonderful way to support
the charity’s work and leave a lasting legacy that will help horses, ponies, donkeys and mules for
generations to come. Whether your gift is large or small, every donation makes a real difference to
the future of Redwings’ residents.


To remember Redwings in your Will, call 01508 481030 or email

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