Customer survey helps Ecoffins donate £300 to GOSH

Eco-friendly coffin manufacturer Ecoffins has thanked its customers for helping it donate £300 to the Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital charity following a feedback survey.

The company promised to donate £1 for every customer who took part in the survey. Some 280 people responded and Ecoffin rounded the total up for a £300 donation.

In addition to this donation, Ecoffins entered every respondent into a competition to win prizes worth up to £100. The winners were Fords of Oakham, David Lancaster Funerals and Baddick & Dymond.

Ecoffins reported a 97 percent customer satisfaction rating, with the vast majority of customers strongly agreeing that they are satisfied with the firm. It also said it received a 96 percent satisfaction rating for its customer service. The company said it was pleased to see the growing importance of environmental issues to funeral directors around the UK.

Ecoffins plan to use the information they gained from the survey to increase its understanding of what its customers are looking for as well as the feelings towards environmental issues and Fair Trade. The company has been a member of the World Fair Trade for 12 years.

Spencer Wanstall, Ecoffins marketing assistant, said: “We had a fantastic response to our customer feedback survey, and I want to thank all the customers who took the time out to do that for us. It gives me great pleasure to say we donated £300 to a wonderful cause as a result of the fantastic response we got.”

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