Funeral planning platform launches death card game

Industry award-nominated life and funeral planning platform, Huunuu, has expanded its range of tools to enable “crucial conversations” around death, dying and the life and legacy that people would like to leave behind.

Whilst its free website is available to all for people to plan their life journey, they have now added the Crucial Conversation card game to make having such discussions accessible. The company describes it as a “gentle and fun way” of exploring topics surrounding death, whilst also finding out a little bit more about the people playing.

Clare Turner, owner, said: “At Huunuu we believe that everyone should be able to have conversations around death and dying, no matter what stage of life they are at. We also think it’s pretty important to share the information with loved ones, be that advanced care planning, funeral plans or bucket list ideas.”

Trev, a Hunnuu team member who played the game, added: “We’ve witnessed moments of mirth and joy and you will leave the game knowing a little bit more about those that you’ve played with, be a little more curious and hopefully have an idea about how you want to be remembered (did you know you can blast your ashes into space or be buried in an eco-cocoon).”

Huunuu has received feedback from hospices and palliative care events on its new card game. During the recent Dying Matters week, Healthwatch Essex said it recorded a number of their colleagues playing the game. 

The cards are available for purchase now.

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