Tributes launches bereavement training initiative

Tributes, a supplier to the funeral sector, has launched a new in-house initiative that will see its staff receive bereavement training. 

The West Sussex-based group provides a range of products and services to both the funeral and pet sectors, assisting funeral directors, pet crematoria and the general public.

Some 10 staff members recently took part in training sessions to better understand how to support those dealing with loss. An in-house refresher session will run each year to ensure that staff get the opportunity to update their skills and share experiences. 

Some of the topics covered guided the team in understanding how to respond to bereaved customers, providing a safe place for grieving families and maintaining a “good sense of sensitivity”. The training also covered self-care and how best to manage dealing with the emotions of others.

The training was delivered by Stephen Gurr who worked for many years as Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy lead at St Barnabas Adult Hospice and Chestnut Tree Children’s Hospice. 

He is now part of the chaplaincy team at Ford Prison, and a registered member of the UK board of Healthcare Chaplains.

Adam Masters, managing director of Tributes, said: “Working within our industry it can easily be forgotten that our staff members are discussing death on a daily basis. This training helps our team to provide the right support when required to bereaved families as well as ensuring they take time to access their own wellbeing and coping mechanisms.” 

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