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Living Life to the Max

National brand Virgin Experiences is encouraging people to live life to full. It has partnered with digital business Once I’ve Gone, to help clients complete their ‘bucket lists’. Together they hope to give clients the chance to fulfill some of their life’s ambitions from the Virgin Experience Days extensive offers.


Online platform Once I’ve Gone also enables individuals to ensure their chosen family members and guardians have access to vital documents, insurance policies and files – once they’ve passed on.

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The website enables users to access a ‘vault’ to store vital life documents – a secure online storage facility, with access given only to the individual and their nominated ‘activator’, once they’ve gone. The platform also automatically directs members to relevant and bespoke local providers of financial, legal and funeral services in their area.


Ian Dibb, MD of Once I’ve Gone, says, ‘Talking about death is never an easy subject, and while we want to improve the process for people, we believe strongly that at the same time we should be celebrating life and sharing the joy of living. This is why we developed the Bucket List so that while we are protecting vital documents for our customers, we are also enabling, and creating memories.’

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