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New partnership enhances international repatriation service

Euro City Direct (ECD) has partnered with Skytrader to create one of the largest independent repatriation services in the UK.

ECD and Skytrader offer 30 years of joint experience and for the first time, funeral directors can benefit from the additional expertise of a specialist cargo service provider when dealing with repatriation.

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Both companies have previously worked with funeral directors internationally to provide an expert service. Detailed knowledge of import/export procedures, international legalities and the logistics of the air-transportation of the deceased often across long distances, all need to be taken into account.

As a result of this joint venture, ECD-Skytrader now has offices located throughout the UK, US, the Caribbean, Africa and throughout Europe.

ECD managing director, James Kindleysides said: “Our network of overseas partners and the comprehensive administrative support in the UK and the US provides funeral directors with a reliable and experienced partner to handle international repatriation of human remains, across any global borders and airspace.”

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