Leaving messages for loved ones at Christmas

The first Christmas following the death of a loved one can be particularly harrowing. With this in mind ‘Once I’ve Gone’ ( offers a free online service to help its members support their loved ones once they have passed on.

The Once I’ve Gone website allows members to leave a private personal message or video which can be accessed by their loved ones at any time following the member’s passing.

Whilst nothing can fill the painful void at Christmas of a loved one who has passed away, having access to a personal message at this family orientated time may bring a degree of comfort to those left behind. Leaving a special ‘Christmas message’ for a loved one is a very thoughtful way to support them through this difficult time and remember happy Christmas memories.

The new service by ‘Once I’m Gone’ offers a range of features to remove the difficulty of end-of-life-planning, from an already distressing period as well as final farewell messages. Members can securely store their will or legal documents, leave a record of their funeral wishes such as the way they would like their funeral service to be, from favourite songs, hymns, and readings to dress code, and even their final resting place.

Membership of is free of charge. Once I’ve Gone founder, Ian Dibb, created the concept behind the service following the loss of his mother. Mr Dibb comments: “Once I’ve Gone allows you the opportunity to record in writing or on video all those things that you would like to say to your loved ones so that they will always know how much you loved and appreciated them.

“Storing that message on will ensure that the message is safe and secure for the time when your loved ones wish to access it. What better way to help them cope during that difficult first Christmas, and for other anniversaries, than by leaving a personalised festive message. You could almost say that you are creating a priceless time immemorial Christmas card for your loved ones.”

For more information about the service or to learn how your clients could leave their own farewell message, please visit

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