Funeral home training school to make director course more accessible

Two East Anglian tutors have teamed up to make the Diploma in Funeral Directing more accessible to students that feel they are too busy to commit to intensive studying.

Anne Beckett-Allen and Mark Hall from Rosedale Training have identified a pattern that once students have passed their Diploma in Funeral Arranging and Administration, they often wish to have a break before continuing with their studies. However, because the amount of coursework required for the second diploma tends to be more, they can be put off by the tight deadlines and exams, and so often never return to their studies to become fully qualified.

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The two have now come together to establish a diploma which allows students to opt out and opt back in, without disrupting their progress.

Beckett-Allen said: “It is such a shame when people don’t feel able to complete their studies, owing to combined pressure of work and family and we wanted to try and find a way around this. Mark and I put our heads together and came up with the idea of a “dip in dip out” version of the Diploma with the modules running on a rolling basis over a two-year period.”

Hall added: “We have noticed a rise in tutors delivering the course over intensive weekends of study, but we want to turn this on its head and allow students the opportunity to study at a more natural pace that fits in with their family and work commitments without pushing themselves to breaking point by trying to do everything.”

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