Funeral Director Pays Tribute to Soldiers of WW1

Funeral Director P & S Gallagher in West Sussex has created a moving tribute to local men lost during the First World War. The company’s Burgess Hill premises features an eye-catching window display.

Funeral director Shayne Hilbourne said: ‘Whilst looking into the local Burgess Hill War Memorial I found a Roll of Honour on the internet which had some names that hadn’t been included on the main town memorial. We decided to create our own which could be used year after year and loaned out to any organisation that may find it useful. We like to be active within our community with sponsoring and being a part of local events, and our window display was another way of reaching out to the public.

‘Creating the banners in a different, brightly coloured form got many passersby to stop and look at the names. Although many are set in stone just over the road from our premises, they are usually walked past without notice day after day. We have had a lot of interest with many people looking into the window’.

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