Anthony Nolan Trust benefits from funeral home donation

The Anthony Nolan Trust Donor Register has received a donation from a Darlington funeral home after it helped to find a bone marrow donor for one of the home’s workers.

In September 2012, Phil Waters, a driver/bearer at the Co-operative Funeralcare in Darlington, found out his 11-year-old son, Peter, was suffering from aplastic anaemia and urgently needed a life-saving bone marrow transplant.

Quite incredibly, a perfect match donor was found in the USA by the Anthony Nolan Trust Donor Register, and by early December Peter was in hospital for his procedure.

Initially, Peter reacted badly to the transplant, but remained brave throughout his treatment and, amazingly, was able to return home in time for Christmas. Peter continues to improve and both Phil and his wife Helen are keen to raise publicity for the Trust and recruit donors to sign up to the register.

Staff at the branch where Phil works elected to donate the £242.39 raised through their annual Christmas memorial carol service and memorial Christmas tree to the Anthony Nolan Trust, in gratitude for the help they gave to Peter.

Peter’s mum Helen commented: “Finding a bone marrow donor for Peter has given us hope, but we know that not everyone is as lucky as us. We want to recruit as many new bone marrow donors as possible, to give other families hope in the future.”

Image: Peter and his dad Phil and mum Helen with Andrea Todd, funeral director at Darlington Funeralcare.

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