Grieving dad dies at son’s funeral three days before Christmas

A Scottish mourner died while attending his son’s funeral – just three days before Christmas.

Sixty-two-year-old Tam Gourlay, who like his deceased son suffered from a heart condition, passed away while attending the 43-year-old’s funeral at Falkirk Crematorium.

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Family had gathered to mourn Gregg’s passing but were confronted with another tragedy as Tam, described as a “true family-man”, suffered a fatal heart episode. He had previously suffered two heart attacks.

Son Gregg had died the week previous at Forth Valley Royal Hospital after he was admitted with an aortic aneurysm, and his death was taken very hard by family and friends, particularly Tam who shared a very close relationship with his son.

Gregg’s mum, Sheila, 64, said: “Tam and Gregg were very close. They would go fishing together and go out for walks every weekend.

“It has been a nightmare; very difficult for everyone. I’m trying to keep myself up for everyone else but I have had my moments.”

Gregg’s widow Maureen said she had just entered the crematorium with her children when Tam suffered the fatal episode. “A lot of people tried to help him, and others called for an ambulance,” she said.

“But, sadly, he didn’t make it.”

Image: Falkirk Crematorium by Andrew Scobie.

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