Aylesbury Vale Crematorium to open this winter

The new crematorium at Watermead will soon open its doors, after it was given the go-ahead by James Brokenshire MP, secretary of state for communities and local government on 12 November.

The Aylesbury Vale Crematorium, operated by the Westerleigh Group, is a modern, purpose-built facility and will offer a peaceful setting for funerals. The crematorium will host an average four funerals per day, allowing slots of up to an hour for each service. This ensures that families can have a dignified, personal event and that funerals do not overlap.

Dafydd John, of the Westerleigh Group, said: “The planning process has taken a number of years, but we are pleased that the Secretary of State’s decision will now enable us to open the crematorium and start to serve the local community.

“We expect to open within weeks, we have an excellent team in place who will soon begin taking bookings from funeral directors, and we look forward to providing the highest standards of funeral care to bereaved families from Aylesbury and the surrounding area.”

He added: “We will be good neighbours and we are confident that those who may have had reservations will appreciate that we provide an essential service and can be a force for good in the community.”

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