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NAFD partners with Dementia Friendly Haringey Network

The NAFD has announced its sponsorship of a new leaflet produced by the Dementia Friendly Haringey Network in association with the London Cremation Company.

The leaflet was written as a guide to help create awareness and give practical tips on how to have a dementia-friendly funeral. 

It also offers communication tips on how to “create a supportive environment, so the person living with dementia feels relaxed and safe”. Among these tips are making eye contact, giving clear and straightforward answers as well as using body language and visual or audible aides while communicating.

The leaflet said: “Some families are not sure whether to tell the person with dementia that a loved one has died. In general, it is widely believed that itʼs best to tell the truth.

“Use body language to express your sadness, cuddle them or hold their hand. Keep the sentences short and do not give too much information at once. Avoid using euphemisms such as ʻpassed awayʼ or ʻat peace nowʼ. Allow plenty of time, and be prepared to frequently repeat the information.”

It also spoke of the benefits of offering dementia friendly services, and that an increased knowledge and awareness of dementia will “make funeral professionals more confident when dealing with clients and provide better service”.

The NAFD said: “Including people with dementia in funeral arrangements and on the day helps them express their wishes and thoughts for the funeral, and the emotions that come with the loss.”

It added: “If funeral professionals and the family/carers work as a team, guided by the person with dementia, a funeral can be a positive experience for all involved.”

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