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Funeral director offers to bury Freddie Starr for free

Funeral director Michael Fogg, of Sheffield-based Michael Fogg Family Funeral Directors, has offered to do late comedian Freddie Starr’s service for free after it was reported the comic could be facing a pauper’s funeral.

Starr was found dead in his home in Costa del Sol, Spain on 10 May, where he moved to following allegations of sexual assault in 2015 after selling his home for £700,000. He was arrested four times between 2012 and 2014 as he denied claims that he had put his hand up a girl’s skirt in 1974 and, despite being released without charge, spent £960,000 on legal costs.

His carer and housekeeper Nelly Georgieva told the media none of his family had claimed his body and said it would be expensive to repatriate him back to the UK. Georgieva went on to say she wouldn’t be able to afford the cost of a funeral in Spain.

In a post on Facebook, Michael Fogg wrote: “We have been in contact an [sic] offered to pay for the repatriation and also the care for Freddie. And no cost to anyone but us rest in peace.”

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