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Funeralbooker reports on the rising cost of dying

Independent funeral booking website Funeralbooker has announced that funeral costs are increasing year-on-year.

Beckenham in Kent; Crawley and Chichester in West Sussex; Leatherhead in Surrey and Nuneaton in Warwickshire are named as the most expensive crematoria in the UK – with cremation costing £956.

The cheapest place to be cremated in the UK is the City of Belfast Crematorium, where it costs just £364.

Funeralbooker collated the costs of every cemetery and crematorium for 2015 and 2016 and produced four data-sets with searchable maps.

When it comes to burial, London takes the top slot, with four cemeteries in Wandsworth all charging £4,561 apiece. Northern Ireland again is the cheapest place in the UK to be buried.

There have also been massive, above-inflation rises in costs for both burial and cremation. At Crownhill crematorium in Milton Keynes, prices have risen by 29.7 percent, year on year.

Funeralbooker’s full date and searchable maps can be found below:

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