A Mongers Funeral Directors donates to local scout group

A Mongers Funeral Directors in Sherborne, St John, has donated £500 to Tadley Scout Group.

The Basingstoke funeral directors donated £500 for the scout group, which offers young people outdoors to do more outdoor activities, as it was in need of some new tents.

Lauren Purnell, funeral coordinator at the Old Forge branch, said: “Getting out and about is so important for all age groups. Scout groups enable this to start at a young age and also gain confidence.

“We were delighted to donate £500 to the local youngsters and hope they make use of them for many years to come.”

Scouts groups are traditionally for children between the ages of 10 and 14 years before they become an “explorer”.

Amey Savill, fundraiser Tadley Scout Group, added: “On behalf of Tadley Scout group we would like to say a huge thank you for your very generous donation. We were able to purchase three new tents, two double gas cookers and a lantern.

“Our group plays an important role in the community and we have a wonderful group of volunteers and lots of children who really do gain so much from scouting.The tents we were able to buy were desperately needed as our old ones have really come to the end of their life after nearly 20 years of use.”

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