Funeral crowdfunding platform expands to UK

Fund the Funeral, the solution to funeral crowdfunding in the United States, has announced the release of its platform in five new markets: the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand.

Now available for business in six countries, Fund the Funeral plans to continue expanding in new places to keep up with market demand.

Fund the Funeral is a funeral crowdfunding platform co-founded in 2016 by Jonathan Fisher, a third generation funeral director in Lafayette, Indiana. It was designed from by funeral directors and claims to be the only crowdfunding platform that ensures a fraud-free experience by paying out only to funeral service providers.

The platform is now serving over 75 funeral homes and has raised nearly $300,000 in funds for over 230 funerals.

Fund the Funeral co-founder and third generation funeral director, Jonathan Fisher, said, “Since Fund the Funeral was founded in the United States, funeral directors in other countries have been asking when our services will be available to them. The time is now, and we look forward to working with funeral homes and families who have lost a loved one in these new countries to help them bid a final farewell to their loved one.”

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