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Wreath trashed mid-funeral by students

College students were caught kicking a wreath from a funeral taking place at a Portsmouth church.

The funeral, for Gosport football coach Ronnie Williamson, took place at St John the Evangelist Church.

A group of teenagers were spotted by a Portsmouth News photographer taking one the wreaths from inside the hearse, where they then began to kick it down the street.

The reporter took images and sent them to St Vincent College who told them ‘appropriate action’ would be taken against the students.

The Portsmouth News reports that in an email back to the photographer, deputy principal of St Vincent College Andrew Grant said: “We are treating this with the severity the act warrants.

“Having liaised with colleagues I have identified the culprit and her peers. ‘We are taking appropriate action regarding this with the individuals in question. ‘This will include disciplinary action and engagement with parents and carers.”

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