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Jet-powered hearse targets World record

A jet-powered hearse is hoping to break the World record for quickest hearse this summer.

‘Dead Quick’, created by Matt Mckeown, is a 1992 Ford Cardinal which is aiming to reach speeds of 200mph.

Mr Mckeown currently holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest shopping trolley, which was powered by a Chinook helicopter engine reaching the speed of 70.4mph.

Matt told the BBC: “A hearse makes a perfect shape for a land speed vehicle it’s aerodynamic, long, thin, steady with a wedge back end.

“Dead Quick’s good for 200mph but this is a work in progress. We’ve got another more powerful engine we can put in but we’re going to engineer all the suspension and brakes first and then we’ll go for more power.

“I’ve never driven it before, the furthest I’ve ever driven it was getting it off a trailer and putting it on a starting grid.”

He showcased the new vehicle yesterday at Prescott Bike Festival on Sunday alongside the Jet powered Shopping Trolley.

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