Funeral home billboard says ‘Text and Drive’

Canadian motorists in down-town Toronto may have received a shock this morning after seeing a digital billboard advertisement for a funeral home encouraging drivers to text and drive.

The campaign, however, isn’t for a real funeral home and the website sends a stark warning to those who do text and drive (www.wathanfuneral.com).

It’s a collaboration between Cieslok Media and Montreal ad agency john st. that’s trying to get people to think of the real consequences of texting and driving.

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“People see and hear the words ‘Don’t text and drive’ almost every day, but the number of people doing it keeps going up and up,” says Mylène Savoie, managing director of john st., Montreal.

“So we wanted to think of a different way of saying it that would make people think about the real and deadly consequences, which is where ‘text and drive’ came from.”

The agency approached Cieslok Media (in Toronto) who embraced the idea and the cause. “As a premium large format company, we are right there on the streets and highways where distracted driving takes place every day,” says JörgCieslok, president and CEO of Cieslok Media.

“We thought this was a powerful way to tell people how dangerous distracted driving is and hopefully get them to stop doing it. It’s also a very impactful way of showing how powerful digital signage can be.”

“We thought most people would get the message from the billboard alone – that texting and driving kills,” says Savoie, “But if someone actually thought a Funeral Home was really promoting this kind of behaviour, we should create a site to set the record straight.”


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