3 Tips for a Non-Religious Funeral

Death is as dignified and valuable as life itself. If someone passed away, be it a family member, friend, or colleague, they deserve to have a funeral. For the most part, a funeral is usually a ceremony that’s religious in nature. However, some families who have taken a different route are sometimes caught clueless on how to proceed with a funeral service

Know that a funeral’s order of service is more detailed than meets the eye. Setting aside the religious aspect of it, a funeral can also be a tribute to your loved one and commemorated by those who attend the service. 

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If you’re planning a humanist or non-religious funeral for a loved one, here are some valuable tips for your funeral’s order of service that you may want to consider.

Designs: Add a pop of colours

It is common that a funeral’s order of service is a booklet showing the schedule of the ceremony, which can be given out to mourners as they arrive or sent to people who cannot attend. For the most part, this booklet is designed in black and white, which is the most traditional approach in designing the booklet. 

If you’re holding a non-religious ceremony, however, why not add a pop of colours to the order of service’s cover? This is one way to break tradition and celebrate the gift of life that has been taken away.

Hymns: Have some poems, songs, and readings

When it comes to a funeral’s order of service, hymns are said to be a common part of it. Chances are that you’ll hear the choir members singing religious songs as everyone pays tribute to the departed one. 

With a non-religious ceremony, however, you can opt for poems and readings instead. Then, you can ask family members, friends, or work colleagues to take part in the readings. Opting for poems during the service can be a heartfelt way for everyone to give a fitting farewell.

Order of service booklet: Give out memorial bookmarks

As far as an order of service’s booklet is concerned, funeral bookmarks can be excellent alternatives for hymns. Instead of putting hymns in the booklet, you can take a different approach by creating and handing out memorial bookmarks instead. For your guide and reference, here’s a list of what you can include for the funeral’s order of service booklet:

  • Entrance music
  • Opening remarks
  • Poem reading
  • Paying tribute
  • Reflection music
  • Poem reading
  • Closing words
  • Exit music

Final words

There’s no denying that the demand for non-religious funerals are on the rise in today’s modern culture. Planning a humanist or non-religious funeral for a loved one can be quite tricky, but remember that a funeral’s order of service is more than just a book of songs and poems. That said, if you want to veer away from the traditional, religious format, be sure to follow the valuable tips recommended above.

Ultimately, your loved one who passed away deserves a funeral service that’s heartfelt and memorable for such a graceful exit!

If you’re planning to hold a non-religious ceremony for the funeral of your loved one, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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