Three reasons why you should hire a funeral celebrant

Have you ever heard of a funeral celebrant before? If not, we don’t blame you. It is relatively new, and not many people know what it means, either. Simply put, a funeral celebrant is a non-clergy professional who delivers quality funeral ceremonies. In other words, the funeral ceremony isn’t linked to any religion or belief, perfect for secular communities.

If you are wondering why you should hire a funeral celebrant, here are three reasons to do so:

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They Approach the Ceremony Non-Religiously

As pointed out earlier, a funeral celebrant doesn’t carry out the funeral ceremony religiously. This means that they are free to write a personalised set of words catered to the specific family.

What they write, however, will also not include anything religious, such as life after death. What funeral celebrant aims to capture is that the bereaved family accepts that their life is all they have. That said, even if the same family wants to do something religious, such as sing a spiritual hymn, the funeral celebrant will be able to cater to that as well. However, they know that this is nothing more than doing something familiar that brings comfort to the hearts of the family.

In other words, you’ll get to participate in a special funeral ceremony that’s special and unique to you, all of which are aimed at easing your heart.

They will Comfort the Bereaved

A funeral celebrant will plan out a ceremony meticulously, ensuring that each aspect of it brings comfort to the heavy hearts of the affected individual or family in every way possible. Remember, a proper funeral isn’t one that tries to help you forget how painful death is, but one that’ll help you embrace it to make it a little more bearable.

They’ll Be Understanding and Respectful

For a funeral celebrant to be able to write something that you and everyone else can relate, they will need to sit down and question you about the deceased individual. However, they will know that having someone intrude into your life after what has happened can be quite disrespectful.

For this reason, when they do come to talk to you, they’ll be as conscious, understanding, and respectful as they can be. They’ll follow your tone, and carefully lead you through different questions without sounding demanding at all. They’ll keep mental and written notes of what you said, bringing you the feeling that they are focusing on you and listening to everything you have to say. That way, not only the words you’re saying will reach them but also the emotions that they all carry.

Final Words

With a funeral celebrant to lead out the funeral ceremony, it’ll lighten the load you feel from the day your loved one passes to the moment you finally say goodbye. Know that a proper funeral is one that’s filled with understanding, caring, and compassion. All of these will leave you feeling at peace, accepting that such circumstances are part of life so that you’ll be at ease with yourself.

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