Our guide to funeral trends to watch out for in 2020 – What to know

Around 500,000 deaths occur in the UK every year. There are now alternatives to traditional funerals that allow people to be close to their loved ones even after death.

In 2020, newer alternatives to traditional funerals abound, which are more cost-effective. Here are some of them:

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Growth Urns

More people today adopt a more sustainable lifestyle to help the environment, and this is slowly being applied to the deceased in the form of green funeral services. One example is growth urns that turn remains into “gains.”

It works by supplying the urn with nutrients that can grow trees or plants. In turn, this leaves the family of the deceased with a plant to remember him or her, which simultaneously helps the environment.

Water Cremations

You might still think you can only cremate a body by fire. On the contrary, you can have a body cremated with the use of water. Water cremations is also an environmentally-friendly option to bury the dead. This process is also known as alkaline hydrolysis that disposes of human remains using lye and heat.

The process takes six hours and works by placing the body in a pressure vessel that is filled with water and potassium hydroxide. It is then heated at an elevated pressure that prevents boiling. In turn, the body will be broken down into its chemical components.

Interactive Cemetery Markers

Gone are the days when we use cemetery markers to honour the lives of our loved ones and mark their resting place. In 2020, these cemetery markers will be infused with advancements in technology as they are now integrated cemetery markers.

Cemetery markers may now come with a QR code that will allow families to link the code to an online photo album or memorial page. Therefore, scanning the code on a smartphone can launch a digital memorial of a person’s life.

Family-Led Funeral Services

In 2020, many families will lead funeral services instead of leaving it to the hands of a chaplain or other professional. This is because it will allow them a personalized approach that will better honour their loved ones.

Natural Burials

2020 is a year to be more conscious of the environment. This is also being adapted by funeral services. One eco-friendly way to bury the dead is through a natural burial. This means that the body will be buried without embalming, placed in a nontoxic casket,  and in a natural setting. And instead of headstones, flat rocks, plants, or trees, will serve as a grave marker.

The Takeaway

These are some of the funeral trends that you can expect in 2020. There have been quite a lot of significant changes to funerals in recent years. Aside from the integration of technology, the need to wear black clothes has slowly decreased as there were plenty of families who ask guests to celebrate the life of the deceased by wearing vibrant colours to the funeral. Over the years as well, there have been themed funerals and unusual transport options.

This year, we are looking for more emerging funeral service trends that are more cost-effective, advanced, and eco-friendly.

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