Belle Lapidi

Belle Lapidi is a new luxurious brand of memorial.  Our products are only available through Registered Distributors.

All of the memorials from Belle Lapidi are created by bringing together the worlds very best granites with some of the industries finest artists and craftsmen.  The idea begins as a seed of inspiration in the sculptors heart and the artistic process is only completed when the initial hand drawings are painstakingly carved into stone.

Every Belle Lapidi monument is individual and unique in its own right.  Our memorials will provide you with the perfect tribute for your cherished loved ones.

Never before has there been a brand of memorial that includes its own seal of authentication stamped onto each and every monument.  This is our guarantee that you are receiving a genuine Belle Lapidi memorial.

As well as the seal of authentication being on every memorial you also receive an Authenticity package once the memorial is fixed in the cemetery.  This package consists of a handy sized cleaning kit which can be used to maintain the headstone, a glass rose and vase which is designed to act as a keepsake and inspire fond memories of your loved one.  You will also be sent an Authenticity Certificate, which certifies that the memorial you have purchased is a genuine Belle Lapidi product.

For anyone interested in further information on Belle Lapidi, or if you are interested in becoming a distributor please e-mail us:

Contact details:  info:@bellelapidi.com

Website:  www.bellelapidi.com

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