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The British Institute of Embalmers holds first virtual AGM

The British Institute of Embalmers has revealed it had its first ever Annual General Meeting over Zoom amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The decision was made to take the meeting online to conduct a ‘virtual handover’ as its then President, Dr Phil Gore and his wife Liz, who were coming to the end of a  year in office.

To comply with rules and regulations a list of all uncontested nominations was sent out to every member.

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The executive of the Institute, the master fellow and committee chairmen were invited to the meeting as Dr Gore made a short speech before virtually handing over the chain of office to Bobby Hopkin-Hoggarth.

Hopkin-Hoggarth also gave her incoming speech and became president of the institute. Her first vice president is Mrs Dianne Hughes (Yorkshire Division) and second vice president is Mr Richard Van Nes (Southern Division).

The British Institute of Embalmers said it hopes to hold the AGM at some point later this year.

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