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BIFD becomes a Government approved CPD Provider

The British Institute of Funeral Directors (BIFD) has become a government approved CPD Provider.

David Parslow, Chairman of the Education Committee British Institute of Funeral Directors, said: “we have just had confirmation that we have been awarded Accredited CPD Status and are a Government approved CPD Provider, the first within the funeral profession.

“What this means to the Institute is that we are registered to provide CPD to our members and able to credit those who attend CPD training sessions. At this stage all the tutors and examiners have been registered with the CPD Standards Office as ‘Providers’.

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“We have already embarked on the next stage, which is to provide CPD to our members on-line through our website to make it easier for everyone to apply for and retain their licence. Our desire is to make education and training available to everyone within the profession and to offer ongoing support through CPD for our members.

“Experiential learning is something everyone gains in time, but changes in legislation and practice also needs to be a part of our ongoing learning as professionals, so the BIFD have established an ongoing programme for funeral directors, where they can prove their commitment to ‘Best Practice’.

“The BIFD now offer a diploma in funeral service at level four, accredited CPD and a licence to practice, so that the public in general and the bereaved in particular can have confidence that the funeral director they are using has committed themselves to the very highest of standards.”

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