Funeral director installs defibrillator in hearse

An Ipswich-based funeral firm, GM Taylor Funeral Directors, has installed a defibrillator in its hearses making it the first in the county to do so.

The purchase of the device is expected to help ensure the safety of the local community as well as mourners. Greg Taylor, owner of the company, put his own money towards the equipment which will be kept in its specialist vehicles.

The defibrillator will be kept under the driver’s seat in the hearse while funerals are taking place, at other times it will be kept at the company’s office in Queen’s Way, Ipswich.

Taylor told the Ipswich Star: “I thought it would be a good idea because of the type of people that are often at funerals. There are a lot of elderly people who attend, either for friends or family members, and it is an emotional and stressful time for an awful lot of people.

“They can also be big events especially when it is for a young person when funerals can see up to 400 mourners. Emotions play a big part which can make funerals a high risk place for people who could become unwell.”

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