Nottingham funeral directors offer Simon Cowell’s car as hearse

A Nottingham funeral director is offering clients the chance to take their final journey in a Rolls Royce Phantom VII once owned by X-Factor star Simon Cowell.

The company fleet has an impressive collection of luxury vehicles for the deceased to travel in, and the owner is said to be always looking for new cars to add to his collection.

The car features a champagne bar, TV screens and sheepskin rugs and has now had a custom repurposing by specialist coach builders in Italy. The model can cost on average £300,000 when new but the conversion was said to have cost £500,000 alone.

Matthew Lymn Rose, MD at A W Lymn, said: “When I looked at this Rolls Royce, it was clear that it would not be suitable as a funeral passenger vehicle due to the large champagne cooler in the back middle seat. It would, however, make an excellent chassis for a hearse.

“Once we collected the vehicle, the previous owner’s name on the log book was very familiar and explained the cooler. As Mr Cowell’s car, it boasted split rear sumptuous electric seats, with TV screens, mood lighting, sheepskin over-rugs and a champagne cabinet.

“However these have all been replaced with a bespoke stainless steel, leather and crystal glass coffin compartment.

Driver Stewart Stemp has been allocated the new car and told media: “It is a real pleasure to drive one of the few Rolls-Royce Phantom VII hearses in the world. I’ve only been driving it a few days and it does seem to attract a lot of attention. It’s a ‘yes’ from me.”

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