‘Deep freeze’ funerals could be coming to the UK

A ‘green’ alternative to burials and cremation could be coming to the UK in the form of ‘deep freeze’ funerals.

The method, which is being considered by Sevenoaks District Council in Kent, means that the deceased are frozen instead of burned.

Bodies are frozen at -200c and then ground into a powder. This is made possible by bathing the bodies in a bath of pure liquid nitrogen for an hour to allow it to cool to -192c. The body then becomes crystallised, allowing for it to be crushed by a machine.

Once dried, the body goes through a process which removes any metals or minerals which may be harmful to the environment, such as teeth fillings and prosthetics.

The process is called cryomation and is considered an eco-friendly alternative to traditional methods as it does not create as much air pollution.

The method was invented by Swedish biologist Susanne Wiigh-Mäsak and is said to be an answer to diminishing burial space.

The Law Commission is said to be writing up new regulations which will allow deep freezing to take place in the UK.

If approved, the facility will be the first of its kind in the world.

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