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Avalon launches Lifelocker, the autobiographical app

Avalon, the UK Funeral Planning Authority registered provider of pre-paid funeral plans, has launched LifeLocker, an autobiographical app.

It is designed for people to digitally record the story of their life for loved ones, including memories and photos – with plans and wishes for their final stage.

The app has been developed to help people think and plan for how they want to be remembered by creating a secure store of personal information and memories; details that would otherwise be lost forever.

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Set against increasing confusion about the options available when it comes to funeral and later life planning. It provides a way for people to record their final wishes including how they would like their funeral to be conducted so loved ones know exactly what they would like at their end of life celebration.

Once submitted to LifeLocker, the information is stored securely and can be edited at any time. Up to two elected ‘keyholders’ can be given read only access that allows them to ‘unlock’ the information at any time.

The ambition is that LifeLocker will reduce the uncertainty that can surround dealing with the end of life while leaving a permanent record of the person in their own words. This is vital when 65 percent of people believe following the wishes of a loved one is the most important element of a funeral.

Jo Darbyshire, commercial director, Avalon commented: “The funeral plans market needs urgent innovation to meet the needs of consumers and improve understanding of the financial and emotional preparation needed for the future. The first step is to address the last taboo of discussing the final stages of life.

“This is why we created the LifeLocker app: to support people to consider every aspect then take steps to securely leave a legacy that can be shared and celebrated with loved ones. We know that too often end of life conversations do not happen leaving families and friends with an emotional and financial burden and without clear sense of how a loved one wanted to be remembered.

“Our hope is that LifeLocker will give people digital immortality by enabling people to create and leave behind a plan for their final stage along with treasured stories, facts, memories and photos. It is the innovation needed to provide peace of mind and comfort.”

From launch, Avalon will actively seek feedback from LifeLocker users to develop and extend the app with further “Lockers” to store other important information already in development.

The LifeLocker app has easy navigation and a customer friendly interface to make it as simple as possible for users to capture their life story, legacy and wishes. It takes users through four key stages:

  • ‘My Life’: allowing them to record stories, facts, memories, what they will miss, and not miss
  • ‘My Photos’:  providing the option to upload special photos
  • ‘My Funeral’: including ‘My Funeral Wishes’ and ‘My Funeral Essentials’ allowing people to not only specify the basics of the funeral (e.g. burial or cremation) but their wishes too (e.g. music to be played)
  • ‘My Financial Planning’: where the user can record details of their financial planning, including  a pre-paid funeral plan, life assurance or legal services to support end of life planning
  • ‘My Bucket List’ (coming soon): users will be able to capture all the things they want to see, do and experience in their lifetime. When a bucket list item is achieved, users will upload photos of their experience to add to their digital legacy

LifeLocker is free to download from the App Store and is available online at,

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