Funeral fit for a soldier

Nick Mead, founder and owner of Tanks a Lot, has designed a hearse in keeping with his beloved hobby – the fully functioning ‘TANKHEARSE’.

As he describes it, Nick found turning 50 a sobering experience. As his thoughts drifted to the big day when he might meet his maker, he began to contemplate the sort of funeral he would like. He decided that, as the owner of a tank driving venue, the most important thing to him was that his final trip should be in a tank. One thing led to another and eventually TANKHEARSE was conceived.

In the autumn of 2011, he decided to create TANKHEARSE out of a FV 432. The project was coming along gently when he heard the news that Graham Collins, a longstanding instructor at Tanks a Lot, was gravely ill and TANKHEARSE would soon be required. 

With what turned out to be less than three weeks, it was all hands to the pump – windows made from laminated glass were installed, the electrics were fixed, and a final lick of paint was added. 

Converted from a standard FV 432 Armoured Personnel Carrier that was built in approximately 1969, and utilising the interior of a Ford Granada Cardinal hearse, TANKHEARSE is fully road legal and proceeds at a suitably stately speed.

Image credit: Heritage Funeral Directors



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