Funeral planning website could signal change for the profession

Ireland’s first online funeral planning website, Legacy Online, has been launched with the aim to “alleviate the financial and emotional stress of funeral planning”.

Funeral director Josh Moonman, creator of Legacy Online, explained: “The funeral business is changing, and it was time to move with the times. Using Legacy Online, the entire funeral can be decided, planned and priced in the familiar surroundings of your own home, taking as much time as you need to make important decisions at what is inevitably an emotional time.” 

However, the ability to arrange every aspect of a funeral without a face-to-face meeting is a controversial concept which could herald further changes for the funeral profession in the near future.

Silicon Republic reported that “76 per cent of Irish adults aged 30 to 55 have never planned a funeral, and 24 per cent wouldn’t know where to start”. 


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