A.W.Lymn appoints new company secretary

A.W.Lymn The Family Funeral Service has announced the appointment of Chlöe Lymn Rose as its new company secretary.

Lymn Rose follows in the footsteps of her aunt and grandmother, who both previously occupied the role.

The Nottinghamshire-based funeral directors operate 27 funeral homes throughout the region, with its headquarters located in Sneinton.

Having joined the business in 2005, Rose will carry out the position alongside her role as PA to company chairman and father, Nigel Lymn Rose.

Lymn Rose said: “At A.W. Lymn, while we all have our separate roles, they aren’t entirely set in stone and we all chip in where we can to help one another.

“I wear many hats within the business and despite the promotion, I will continue to act as PA to the Chairman as well as leading on the operations of the Centenary Foundation.”

She added: “Covid-19 undoubtedly has had a massive impact on business. When lockdown was first announced we had an issue with access to PPE as we required specific facemasks for our employees entering homes.

“Despite the initial struggles, we adapted our operations in order to provide a service that was as close to ‘normal’ as it could be. We understand how important our services are to families, especially at a time like this, so we made sure to do everything we could to continue business.”

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