Inspectors appointed to oversee Scottish funeral trade

The Scottish Government has appointed two new inspectors to oversee burial, cremation and funeral directors.

Robert Swanson QPM has been appointed as senior inspector of Burial, Cremation and Funeral Directors, while Professor Gordon Findlater is set to be inspector of Burial, Cremation and Funeral Directors.

Swanson is continuing his role as inspector of Cremation and Findlater will also expand his role as inspector of Anatomy for Scotland.

Jon Levett, chief executive of the National Association of Funeral Directors, said: “We welcome these appointments as an important milestone of the regulation process in Scotland and look forward to a close and fruitful working relationship with both Inspectors.

“2021 and the post-Covid landscape will be a challenging time for everyone in the profession and it will be important for the Inspectors to listen to the concerns and opinions of funeral directors across Scotland.”

He added: “We also look forward to working with the new funeral industry inspectorate and contributing our experience and expertise to the inspections framework and processes that it will be considering.”

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