Benefit claimants to get more help with funeral costs

Will Quince, the Minister for Welfare Delivery, has announced that families on welfare benefits grieving the loss of a loved one will receive up to £1000 to “help meet the costs of a funeral.”

These funds are on top of existing payments to help pay for funeral necessities, such as burial or cremation fees.

From Spring 2020, the maximum amount families can claim to help meet costs for expenses such as a coffin, flowers and funeral directors’ fees will rise by 43%. In addition, funeral expenses payments are being increased for the first time since 2003.

Announcing the change, Quince said: “Everyone wants to give their loved ones a dignified send-off, and this money will help pay for the personal touches that enable a family to say goodbye properly.

“Planning a funeral can be incredibly distressing, and this payment will help lighten the financial burden on families during a difficult time.”

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