Norfolk charity launches new gift to support bereaved children

Norfolk-based child bereavement charity, Nelson’s Journey, have recently launched the Smiles & Tears Gift Box, an idea developed and created by their young volunteers.

Nelson’s Journey says businesses within the funeral services industry are promoting the Smiles & Tears Gift Box via their businesses and civil celebrants along with providing its literature to appropriate families affected by a recent bereavement.

Young volunteer Kiera-Lea, whose Dad chose to end his own life, said: “The gift box would have helped me by giving me ways to communicate with my family. It would have provided me with toys and other things that would have been of comfort. It also includes ways to remember your special person in a good way and informs me that everything I am feeling is normal and ok.”

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The box includes:

  • Happy jar and notes, a special place to write down and store your happy and positive thoughts
  • Mindfulness colouring postcards, created especially for Nelson’s Journey which feature the range of emotions and feelings commonly experienced in grief e.g. anger, sadness, guilt and loneliness
  • Tissues, featuring the message ‘It’s ok to cry’
  • Soft toy, for those times when you need a hug
  • Chocolate bar, because everyone deserves a treat

Anne Beckett-Allen, funeral director at Norfolk and Suffolk based Rosedale Funeral Homes said: “Through our work as funeral directors, we are often asked about the best way to support a bereaved child, and up until now, we have felt that resources have been quite limited, so we really welcome the release of the bereavement gift box, and have already ordered a small stock to have available in our funeral homes.”

“It is traditional to send flowers to adults at a time of bereavement, but children are often ‘forgotten mourners’. It’s evident that each item within the box has been thoughtfully selected and that the benefits to a bereaved child would be immense, making an impact that would last far longer than flowers.

She added: “These boxes will make a real difference in the weeks and months after the funeral, as well as on special days such as anniversaries and birthdays for many years. It is my firm belief that all good funeral directors should be making families aware of the benefits of this wonderful resource.”

The Smiles & Tears Gift Box can be purchased for £28 from the Nelson’s Journey website with any profits received from sales reinvested into the project enabling the charity to purchase further stock.

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