Funeral director to walk in front of hearse for 220 miles for charity

A Harrogate funeral director is set to walk 220 miles in front of a hearse to raise awareness of the increasing number of people having to take out loans to afford funeral expenses.

The director, Jonathan Robinson want the Department for Work and Pensions to increase the funeral grant given to those on benefits

Robinson told media that a basic funeral on average costs £2,000, however a government spokesperson said it made an “important contribution” despite saying the sum provided was “over £1,400”.

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The shortfall was often covered by loans according to Robinson, who said: “Often it will come back to the funeral director to enter into an arrangement with the family. I am taking the trouble to get off my backside to walk to London, because I feel absolutely passionate about the campaign.”

Robinson is set to meet work and pensions minister Kit Malthouse to discuss the grant.

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