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Funeral directors forget to dig woman’s grave

A Kent funeral director has apologised following an incident where employees forgot to dig a woman’s grave.

Woollard and Kent Funeral Directors only let the family know that former businesswoman Susan Baines was not going to be buried on the day of her funeral. With the deceased’s son, Mark Baines only finding out the grave wasn’t dug minutes before the service.

As many as 25 close friends had travelled all the way from Wales for the funeral, but instead had to make do with a memorial service. The body was kept in the church overnight following the memorial with a basic burial in front of just three people.

Widower Mr Baines told KentOnline: “I gave them an opportunity to make everything all right, and they just took the mickey.”

Woollard and Kent were unable to comment when contacted by Funeral Service Times, however owner Mark Woollard told same paper: “As a company, we are thoroughly upset and dismayed that this event has happened.

“It’s not our normal practice and we have obviously sent our sincere apologies to Mr Baines. It’s purely down to human error.”

29/05/18 There was a typo that said Woollard & Kent Funeral Directors delayed the funeral to carry out a post mortem. We have removed the typo and acknowledge that funeral directors do not carry out post mortems, Woollard and Kent Funeral Directors simply delayed the post mortem from happening according to the widower. 

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