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Sales manager celebrates 25 years’ service at J C Walwyn & Sons

Sales manager at J C Walwyn & Sons Ltd, Michael Marshall, has recently celebrated his work anniversary of 25 years at the independent family run coffin and casket manufacturers in Ashbourne, Derbyshire.

Michael had previously worked for the company from 1979 to 1988 working on the factory floor. He left to work for his father’s business before returning in July 1992. Michael resumed his work with the title of sales manager where he enjoys the interaction with the customers of J C Walwyn.

Michael received a silver engraved watch from managing director Keith Walwyn as a gift to acknowledge his great loyalty and service to the company.

Michael said “I love the job now more than I ever have done, it’s a great challenge but we really do have a great loyal base of customers here and the service and quality we provide is I believe the best in the country.

“We recently displayed our coffins at the National Funeral Exhibition in Stoneleigh and it was great to see so many of our customers face to face rather than speaking to them on the telephone and was wonderful to hear the great comments made about our products.”

Keith Walwyn expressed his thanks to Michael by saying “It’s a gratitude to our company yet again when we have another employee on the books that has served 25 years of service with us. Michael is a great person who has pushed the company forward in his years with us and he not only takes the orders by the phone, he likes to get involved still in the fitting out area of the factory along with sorting out the daily transport logistics as well.

“The company is a family business and our staff are very loyal which is testament to the firm and I look forward to Michael continuing his work with J C Walwyn & Sons Ltd over the coming years for us.”

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