Alec Butcher​ adds to his fleet ​

Alec Butcher, owner of Funeral Motorcycles and Alec Butcher Funeral Vehicle Hire, is proud to announce the purchase of a Mercedes hearse as well as a matching Jaguar Daimler hearse and limousine.

Alec, who has been riding motorcycles for over forty years, is a qualified funeral director with over 25 years of experience within the profession. His businesses are known for exemplary attention to detail. All vehicles keep water and tissues available for all party members, to ensure optimum comfort.

Funeral Motorcycles’ Triumph and Harley Davidson motorbike hearses use custom-designed sidecars to offer a modern and simple option to avid motorcyclists, those who have never been on a motorcycle or who are just looking for something a bit different.

All cars are available in East Anglia and surrounding regions, while the motorcycles are available across the UK, both for very reasonable prices.

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