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Funeral pays tribute to Star Wars fan

A Star Wars fan has been given a special send-off by Youngs Independent Funeral Services in Hamilton. Mr Andrew Strachan, who sadly passed away in June 2016, loved and regularly watched the films.

Staff at Youngs dressed as Darth Vader and storm troopers to honour Mr Strachan’s memory. Family members and friends wore Star Wars t-shirts to a service at South Lanarkshire Crematorium in Blantyre on July 11. Theme music from the films was played at the venue.

David Young, principal funeral director at Youngs Independent Funeral Services, said: “Our arrangements processes are carefully developed in order to understand the individual, we take time to listen and read between the lines in order to tailor a funeral service to what is important to both the deceased and and their loved ones.

“We operate in a very traditional area and often our services include subtle differences to a traditional format. Occasionally however, we are tasked with providing a very different look and feel to a funeral service.

“Andrew Strachan was an avid Star Wars fan, it was one of his loves and he shared this passion with his family and friends. By providing an environment through the use of costume, music and words we were able to provide a unique service for a unique man, enabling those that Andrew left behind to remember him in death as they loved him in life.”

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