Manufacturer increases number of FSC-certified coffins

Halliday Funeral Supplies plans to produce more Forest Stewardship Council certified coffins as part of an ongoing environmental strategy. Last year around 400 of the 26,000 coffins it manufactured were FSC-certified but this year the number will increase to more than 22,000.


Halliday Funeral Supplies believes it is one of only three manufacturers in its industry to make coffins that are FSC certified (including the boards that make coffins). Richard Halliday, a director of Wirral-based Halliday FS, said: ‘We are committed to having the most rigorous environmental standards in our business.

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‘We are proud that we are able to give our customers the assurance that the vast majority of the coffins we manufacture use FSC raw material. Anything derived from wood can be traced back to a forest.’


The company is currently promoting its woodland coffin range which does not use wood veneer or glue and saves on energy. Halliday FS has also invested more than £250,000 in industry-leading biomass boiler and waste processing technology at its 24,500 sq.ft. site in Prenton, Wirral, during the past 12 months.


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