VW Funerals rally people to ‘EXTERM-DONATE’

Volkswagen Funerals has purchased an ‘old banger’ and given it a Doctor Who inspired makeover in order to raise money for charity.

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Owner of Volkswagen Funerals, Clare Brookes turned a Fiat into a Dalek complete with rubber nodes and extremities such as a plunger, to replicate the appearance of the villain’s from the hit BBC show.

Raising money for the Teenage Cancer Trust, Brookes and her team drove through five countries in a day, beginning their journey in Nuneaton and driving to Dover, Swizerland, Italy, France and then Spain.

Brookes said: “We drove from our home town of Nuneaton to Dover, then began a mega banger rally early doors on July 4. We travelled the route via the Swiss Alps, the rolling hills of Italy, the French Riviera and the Spanish Catalan Capital. All of this in a banger, a car that we bought for £300 – but the kind garage owner then refunded the money to help the cause.

“Our team of ladies transformed the car to include features such as a whisk and plunger and we installed a PA system to that our ‘Dalek’ could proclaim ‘EXTERM-DONATE’. We are hoping to raise as much as we can to help young people with cancer.”

To donate to the cause visit the teams Just Giving page

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