Top award for Shropshire funeral directors

Telford-based funeral director CJ Williams has received a funeral service Customer Care Award after a nationwide survey ranked it first.


Results from the survey showed that 99 per cent of families that received CJ Williams prepayment funeral plan in the last ten years, were either “satisfied or very satisfied” with the service they received from the company.

Furthermore, the survey also showed that of those that have used CK Williams, 97 per cent would recommend the firm’s prepay funeral plan to a friend.

Director Simon Williams said: “We are fiercely proud of our reputation for delivering the very best support to bereaved families all over the Telford area and beyond.”

The company guarantees the cost of the funeral once the prepayment plan is in place regardless of when the funeral occurs, and says its service can be tailored to suit all circumstances.

Williams added: “Our aim was to offer families the opportunity to plan ahead and pay for their funeral arrangements in advance, in order to protect their loved ones from any fluctuating costs in the future.”

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