Personal possessions stolen from Beckenham funeral home

Burglars who stole from Albert Parr and Sons of Beckenham have been named as grave robbers after taking donations and personal possessions from the funeral home.

Manager Robert Todd came in the morning after the incident and found the funeral home to have been ransacked.

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He said: “I came in at 8am and it was a mess. Drawers and papers had been thrown around; the safes had been broken into. Even the fridge where we keep the deceased had been opened up.”

Now the funeral directors must contact all of the families that have been affected, which could take them weeks to do. Items stolen include wedding rings and other cherished jewellery, as well as donations that were to be given to charity.

Mr Todd added: “You have no idea how disgusted I am. Money can be replaced but personal possessions cannot.”

Image: Jeff Belmonte

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