FD pledges to undertake 50 good deeds in 50 days

A Wiltshire-based funeral director will celebrate reaching his 50th birthday by undertaking 50 good deeds in 50 days.

Paul McDonald and his colleagues at C.S. Bowyer Funeral Directors in Bradford-on-Avon are encouraging local residents to nominate people and causes in need of a helping hand over the next few weeks.

“The team at C.S. Bowyer are all behind me and think it’s a great idea. Our doors are always open for local people to come and meet us, but over the next few weeks, we are encouraging residents to come forward with suggestions of causes to support,” said McDonald.

“This can be anything from an elderly neighbour in need of help with their shopping, a local school or church looking for volunteers to help at an event, or a charity or organisation that would benefit from having a bit of extra man power in fundraising. While we are not going to be able to rebuild a house or redecorate a whole school in 50 days like they do on the telly, I am hoping there will be certain tasks that can be done to make life easier for other people.”

C.S. Bowyer’s team is appealing for 49 volunteers from within the community to help Paul complete his challenge.

McDonald continued: “Not only is the 50 day challenge a great opportunity for everyone in the region to do a little bit of good by donating some of their time towards either all or just one of the 50 projects, but it is also a great way to meet new people and find out about all the great causes and organisations we have helping the people of Bradford-on-Avon.”

The 50-day challenge will commence on 2 April, once residents have made their nominations.

“As a funeral director, as well as being a publican for many years ago, getting to know people in the community is second nature to me. Our team at C.S. Bowyer often run community events, but this is my chance to personally contribute to the lives of 50 people in the region, while celebrating my 50th year,” McDonald concluded.

Local residents can nominate charities and causes by visiting C.S. Bowyer at 2 The Bullpit, Bradford-on-Avon or calling 01225 863 208. Additionally, those interested in volunteering to help Paul can find out more by visiting the team at the branch.

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