Team Dignity rides for charity

Staff members from Dignity Caring Funeral Services recently raised £1,090 for charity by taking part in the London to Brighton bike ride.

The seven members of staff set off for the 56-mile journey from Clapham Common to Brighton at 6.45am.

Martin Tullett, funeral service arranger at James Crook in Willesden, was the first of the team to finish, recording a time of seven hours.

Tullett explained: “The road looked like an army in retreat! I passed an ambulance, lots of bike parts, dropped bottles [and] people repairing bikes. I caught up with most of my colleagues but I still hadn’t seen three [of them] so I resolved to catch up.

“The last 11 miles were a breeze and cycling into Brighton with crowds all around cheering us on actually brought tears to my eyes.

“Two weeks on and the sunburnt skin has peeled off my arms, my hands can now close almost enough to hold a pen and my gratitude to my son for recommending padded shorts remains firm! Best of all our friends and colleagues and supporters have given £1,090 split between Walking for the Wounded, South West Herts Samaritans and British Heart Foundation.”

Image: Team Dignity

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