Darlington care home staff complete bereavement training

Nine members of staff from a Darlington care home have been awarded certificates for completing a course in bereavement training.

The course, run by Saint and Forster Funeral Directors Ltd in conjunction with the Society of Bereavement Practitioners, was held at the North Park Care Home on Darlington’s I’Anson Street.

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Saint and Forster’s co-owner and director Keith Munt and the Society of Bereavement Practitioners’ president and FST columnist Rev George Callander led the course; which featured lectures, role-play scenarios and the dos and don’ts of interaction with the recently bereaved.

Keith said: “It is extremely important to know what to say and what not to say to people who find themselves in the distressing situation of dealing with the death of a loved one. An inappropriate word or approach, however well-meant, can be very upsetting.

“The course we offer gives advice on how to reach out to and support people who have been bereaved. It is delivered through workshops in which delegates can explore different ways of approaching a variety of situations they might encounter in the course of their work.

“The course is fully accredited by the Society of Bereavement Practitioners and successful candidates automatically become associate members of the Society for a year when they are awarded their certificates.”

Saint and Forster is offering the bereavement training to care homes, doctors’ surgeries, members of the legal profession and others in Darlington who could be involved in working with the bereaved.

Keith added: “The training gives the staff the confidence to handle bereavement in a sensitive and supportive manner, and ensure that the process is made as easy as possible for the families. We have all lost loved ones and we are aware of what they’re going through.”

Image: (L-R) Rev George Callander; Sue Raby, manageress of the North Park Care Home; and Keith Munt.

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